It gives valuable information about visitors/users to your Web/Mobile application or sites. It tells us from which source the traffic comes and how the visitor/user moves. It gives you good ideas about whether the images, headlines or calls to action you add in the UI are working or not.

Active Listening

It is a technique of carefully listening and observing non-verbal cues such as intonation, timing, body language in user interviews. Unlike Reflective or Empathic Listening techniques, it is a method of careful listening and understanding. The basics of active listening include four techniques:

1- Establish a connection between the two parties by showing genuine interest and giving your full attention to the other party.

2- Going deeper into the subject through carefully selected questions.

3- Try to paraphrase what you understand.

4- Summarizing the topic briefly for the sake of interaction.


It is the ease with which the user can understand and use the user interface. Accessibility also refers to how it is adapted for people with disabilities or special needs.

A/B Test

For an interface or interface component/section, users are shown two different versions. It is an online test where you ask users directly which version they prefer. It can be asked directly with a pop-up/notification, or there are also processes where different versions are presented to segmented users and feedback is received.


It is an iterative approach that allows project and software development teams to develop processes quickly and with fewer problems.


Azure is a cloud computing platform from Microsoft. Azure includes solutions such as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

Amazon Web Services(AWS)

It is a cloud computing system widely used in the world.


Software packages that allow to perform certain actions and tasks on computers and mobile devices.


It is a structure that allows the features of any application to be used in another application.